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Out of the Fog Spring Edition

Out of the Fog Spring Edition is here!

The Out of the Fog newsletter is our local publication that is filled with experience, strength, and hope. You will also find links to many of the great activities and resources that are available to help you with your recovery.

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The Web Team Needs You!

The Intergroup web team is looking for volunteers who have experience with web design using WordPress. The service requires approximately 1 hour per week.

Many hands makes for light work!

For more information, contact Brad B (306) 529-1957

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Sponsor Support Group

SSG will hold meetings on the first Saturday of April, June, August, October, and December from 9:45-10:45 am at Trinity Presbyterian Church, 3151 Union Ave, San Jose.

One of the key aspects of recovery is to work with others. This forum can provide a useful way to learn about sponsorship, share ideas, suggestions, and fellowship with one another. Also, if you have several months of sobriety, and would like to learn how to become a sponsor, please join us.

Bill N (408) 568-9702

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