Group Service Representative (GSR) Page

Local Areas

Area 40
South Bay (San Mateo to Monterey)
Area Chair: Jason T

Area 41
East Bay

Area 42
North Bay (North Bay, Northern California & Reno)
Area Chair: David H

Area 77
San Francisco

About GSRs

What is the GSR (Group Service Representative) in SAA?

The Group Service Representative (GSR) is an important connection between the local group and the International Service Organization (ISO) and, thereby, the rest of the Sex Addicts Anonymous fellowship.

How is this so? Why is this important?

The spiritual principles of the twelve-step program of recovery, as set forth in the steps, traditions, and concepts, call us to service—concern for and support of sex addicts at home and throughout the fellowship. To take full advantage of this guiding principle of service, the GSR serves a vital role in bringing forward the concerns and opinions of local groups.

What are the guidelines for service as a GSR?

In choosing a GSR, a group should review the  service guidelines posted on the SAA service website at While the guidelines are not absolute requirements, they do indicate the desirability of having local trusted servants who have service experience and who are sober. Each group must consider the candidates available and choose the person best able to serve.

Past service experience at the group and intergroup level is desirable. In addition, a GSR should have enough time in the fellowship and enough time in sobriety to be capable of this level of commitment.

What are the duties and responsibilities of a GSR?

At the local group level:

    • Serve as point of contact with the ISO office and the Conference.
    • Serve as a point of contact with the area.
    • Carry news and event information from the area and the ISO office to the group.
    • Carry news of ISO needs for volunteers or funds to the group.
    • Become familiar with the traditions, concepts, and other service literature, and serve as a resource for the local group, assisting the group in being faithful to our spiritual principles.

At the area level:

    • Attend the area assembly.
    • Participate in election of an area delegate and other area officers.
    • Discuss Conference agenda items with their local group and report the discussion to the area delegate and fellow GSR’s
    • Bring group concerns to the area, to determine whether other groups might be facing the same questions or problems.
    • Consider being nominated to serve as area delegate.

In order for the ISO to be able to function effectively under the guidance of the fellowship-at-large, the GSR must be engaged – locally, within the area, and, thereby, within the ISO Conference.