Frequently Asked Questions

Recovering sex addicts gather together and share their experience, strength, and hope with each other in order to recover from addictive sexual behavior. Some meetings have a lot of people, some are small. There are special focus meetings for different topics.

Groups meet in person, online, or by phone. A meeting list is available here.

SAA has a strong tradition of protecting personal anonymity. Individual members will often go to great lengths to protect the confidentiality of members and newcomers. SAA asks everyone to please respect this confidentiality and keep who they see in a meeting to themselves.

If you see someone you know at a meeting, they are probably there for the same reason: to get help.

A meeting is a group of sex addicts getting together to recover. Very often meetings are held in rented spaces in churches, community centers, hospitals, or online through platforms like Zoom.

When you arrive, typically you will be greeted. Meetings generally open with the Serenity Prayer followed by some basic SAA readings like the Twelve Steps and How It Works.

In some meetings, a member will share their story of addiction and recovery in a general way. Some groups will read SAA literature. Others will choose a topic to share on. In most meetings, there is an open share period when anyone can speak. Speaking is not required.

Many of us began by attending meetings, reading the literature, and connecting with others in recovery. The rest of the program revealed itself in due time.

There are no dues or fees. Contributions are accepted only from members of SAA. This is optional.

The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop compulsive sexual behavior. There are no other obligations.

Many of us considered ourselves atheists or agnostics when we first came to the program. Some of us still are. Don’t be dismayed by the God talk. We’re all here to recover from our sex addiction. We found that our compulsive behavior was too much for us to handle alone. Most of us have found some power greater than ourselves in the process of working the Steps with another sex addict. Many of us have found that keeping an open mind is far more important than what we think God is or is not.

SAA is not a religious organization and seeks no conflict with any religion. It is a fellowship of individuals recovering from addictive sexual behavior using general spiritual principles.

A sponsor is someone who has recovered from acting out in their addictive sexual behavior. As part of their program of recovery, they share with others what was freely given to them.

Most of us found that working the program with a sober member of SAA was essential. The benefit of one addict helping another is immeasurable.

While sponsors are not experts, they do have personal experience recovering from compulsive sexual behavior.

You are a member of SAA when you decide you are. There are no membership lists. The only requirement is a desire to stop addictive sexual behavior.

At a meeting, there are many people who are happy to answer any questions.

Newcomers can also call the newcomer line or send a message.